One of the best things about London is that it’s constantly changing. You never really visit the same area twice because there’s always something new to see.

Still, it’s amazing how easy it is to get stuck in a comfortable routine and keep going to the same places week after week.

If this is the case with your dates, it’s time for a change!

Go For An Immersive Dining Experience

Actors from The Murder Express immersive dining experience by Funicular productions
Courtesy of Funicular Productions

If ‘dinner and a show’ sounds like your kind of night, why not combine the two and do some immersive dining?

Hop aboard the Murder Express for a Gatsby-era dining experience with a sinister twist…

Enjoy some amazing cocktails from the Seven Sins Platform Bar and then climb aboard the train for some delicious courses whilst enjoying the comedic murder mystery with elements of audience participation.

Actors from The Murder Express immersive dining experience by Funicular Productions
Courtesy of Funicular Productions

Other choices include The 90s Brunch (breakfast to classic 90s club hits like The Spice Girls and Nirvana), Gingerline (‘Edible adventures’ in unusual settings like a scientific laboratory or a secret garden) or Aeronaut (dining in a circus).

Find Out If You’re Funny At A Comedy Workshop

London has loads of free and affordable comedy shows, but are you and your date brave enough to try it yourselves?

Search on EventBrite and MeetUp for workshops or try one of these:

The Free Association offers £20 taster classes for their improv course.

Angel Comedy has free workshops that take place almost every week, including a women’s improv workshop and comedy writing gym. The writing gyms are for people with a bit more experience so although everyone is welcome, they won’t be covering the basics in this class.

Learn Latte Art Together

A person pouring latte art

Who doesn’t love a perfectly poured latte? If you’re bored of regular coffee dates where you just drink the stuff, why not take a Coffee School class at The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, where you can learn about the fundamentals of coffee extraction, make espresso shots, and – best of all – learn how to create picture perfect latte art.

It costs £60 per person, so it’s not a cheap date, but you’ll be learning a new skill together and doing something different for the price of a good meal or a few cocktails.

Play Games With Clockwork Robots At Novelty Automation

Fancy getting divorced on your first date?

How about winning a Nobel Prize, or going on an all-inclusive three minute holiday?

Novelty Automation is a weird and wonderful attraction in Holborn with satirical homemade automata – AKA clockwork robots – that are operated by tokens.

When fed a token, you can play a different micro-game with each automaton, the twist being that all the games are based on everyday life, with names like The Small Hadron Collider, iZombie and Autofrisk.

You do have to buy the tokens, but you can play all the games without spending more than £20.

See Sinister Specimens At The Grant Museum Of Zoology

The Famous Jar Of Moles

Depending on what kind of people you and your date are, viewing preserved brains, leeches and rodent skeletons in jars is either fascinating, repulsive, or a combination of the two.

The Grant Museum of Zoology offers this, and much more. This small but very popular anatomical museum packs a huge amount of animal remains within its walls, including extinct species. The whole thing is strangely beautiful (the venue helps – it’s like a mashup of a cosy library and an eccentric explorer’s attic) and certainly not easily forgotten.

Famous exhibits include their jar of moles, and a little alcove with walls made entirely of illuminated slides featuring cross-sections of insects, worms, and other creatures.

Eat In The Dark

Dans Le Noir? Restaurant in Clerkenwell, London

Dans la noir? In Clerkenwell is a restaurant where you eat completely in the dark.

After being guided to your table, you will then have to rely on your other senses to discern the different tastes from a mystery menu (you choose between a meat-based, vegetarian or pescetarian menu, but everything else is kept secret until after you finish your meal).

Play Retro Video Games

Retro video game arcade high scores
By Element 5 Digital

London has a handful of arcade bars and video game bars where you can play classic games and consoles from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.

No matter your age, or your experience with gaming, you’re sure to have fun trying to beat each other’s high scores.

Check out:

  • Four Quarters (branches in Hackney Wick and Peckham), which has Asteroids, the Star Wars Trilogy, Defender and Space Invaders
  • Loading (Stratford, Dalston and Shepherd’s bush)
  • Simmons’ Bar (King’s Cross) a kitsch and colourful bar where drinks are served in teacups.

See A Magic Show

The Magic Hour is an award winning magic show with excellent reviews (it has a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence) and the aim of recapturing the spirit of the ‘Golden Age of Magic’, i.e 19th and early 20th century England.

The show draws on Victorian parlour magic, with a focus on sleight of hand and close-up conjuring, and they limit each event to less than 70 guests so you’ll have the opportunity to examine every trick with your own eyes… and still be wondering how they did it.